Hobbs Family


Yep it is definitely Autumn!

The days are cooler, the nights are cooler and the days are getting shorter than a Pygmy with a hunched back.

Thankfully there is a wonderful invention commonly referred to as a fireplace.
These are marvellous things which allow you to light a fire inside the house thus warming it up!!!
Brilliant! 😉

In other news:

We have  Royal Gala Apples and Coxes Orange Apples available for $5 for 5kg or $10 for 10kg.
We hope to have Golden Delicious sometime in the next week or so.


We are well into the swing of things with our Royal Gala Apples.
We sell them in 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg bags for $10.
The Royal Gala are our most popular eating Apple due to their sweet flavour and crispness.
They are great for school lunches and are also good keepers.

We also started our Coxes Orange Apples last week.
At this stage they still have a tarty taste but they will definately sweeten as time goes on.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10.
The Coxes Orange are also very popular amongst our customers.
They have a crisp texture with a very distinctive flavour that is balanced between sweet and acidic/tarty.
Their sharp taste (early in the season) appeals to many although some prefer to wait until the sharpness is counterbalanced by sweetness.

Our Omegas Have Been Wiped Out

All our Omega plums have been wiped out!!!!!
We had massive winds come in last night and this morning when we went out to check the plums we saw that every single one had been blown off the trees!!
As you can imagine we are not very happy right now and we apologise to all the customers who have missed out.
Mom didn’t even get a chance to bottle any!!!!!


Oh yeah wind is such a joy.

Yesterday we had gale force winds hit us like a ton of bricks.
We’ve lost quite a lot of Omegas but by some miracle there are still some on the trees!
Only downside is that all the “survivors” are 2nds hence only 2nds are available on the Stall at $2.00/kg.

Just a Small Job

Yesterday Mum and I decided to tidy up the garden in front of the Fruit Stall.
We thought it would be a 45 minute job tops.
5 1/2 hours later at 8:30pm we finally finished and managed to stagger back inside.

Yes I think it is safe to say that we underestimated the size of the job but once we started we got so into it that we couldn’t stop.
No point doing a half by job!

Anyway, the garden in front of the Stall now looks amazing.

In other news, the ferret that murdered 4 of our chickens the other day got caught in the ferret trap last night.
That’ll teach him for killing our chickens!!!!!!!

Windy Times

We’ve got some really strong winds blasting through orchard at the moment.

Not what we needed as Omega Plums have a tendency to fall off the tree under such conditions!!!
Once it is light enough I’ll be heading out to survey the damage.

Lets hope there aren’t too many on the ground!!

Ferret Attack!!!!!

While Mum was on her way to the shower this morning at 4am she heard a commotion coming from the chook house.
Clad in her pyjamas, she quickly raced out the door to investigate.
As she approached the chicken house, torch in hand, she saw a ferret shoot out from a small gap in the door!!!!

Thinking fast she grabbed a nearby spade and proceeded to calmly hurl it in the direction of the fleeing ferret.
She then realized that the ferret could have re-enforcements hiding nearby so she decided to retreat to the house and wake me up.

I then went out and surveyed the damage.
4 chickens were killed by the ferret and now only 2 (rather traumatized) chickens remain.

I’ve set our ferret traps around the chicken house so now it is just a waiting game.

One thing is for sure though, this ferret is going down!!!!!

The battle of the Garden

Yep, it’s war.
Last night I found 2 large rabbits eating my cabbages.
It was the straw that broke the camels back.

After launching some strategic volley fire of Apples (which caused the rabbits to disperse), I then proceeded to organize my defensive action plan.
But after waiting another 3 hours for them to return, I gave up and went back inside.
This morning when I went out to check the garden I found MORE plants had been eaten and some holes had been dug through the broccoli patch!!!!!
Little bastards!!
Time to another plan!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Apple Have So Many Uses

As I mentioned yesterday we now have Royal Gala available in 5kg bags for $5.
In a week or two we will have 10kg bags for $10 as well.

I personally consider Apples to be one of the favourite fruits.
They have so many uses!
You can eat them, stew them, preserve them, dehydrate them and they can a wonderful self-defense weapon when I have to protect myself from the marauding rabbits that continue to invade my garden!!!!
As long as you have a good throw you can just sit in the long grass and wait for the enemy (the rabbits) to approach.
As soon as they are in a range (about 15 metres or so)  you spring out of the grass, take aim and throw that Apple are hard as you can.

As long as your aim is true then that rabbit will reconsider his invasion and make a tactical retreat.

Job done!!

We have Royal Gala

Today we have the very first of our Royal Gala Apples.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5.
10kg bags will start in a few days.

We also have Red Doris Plums which are great for eating and are a favourite amongst kids.
2kg bags for $5

We started our Coxes Orange Apples the other day.
At this stage they still have a very tarty taste but they will definately sweeten as time goes on.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10.

Our “Omega” Plums should be ready in about 4 days – 1 week