Throughout the year we receive a torrent of phone calls and emails from friends and customers asking how the fruit season is shaping up, how the blossom set is looking and if we have been affected by any major frosts.

Now we don’t mind responding to these enquires, in fact it’s quite nice to know that so many people care enough to phone/email and ask, but recently Mum and I sat down and thought, “Hey what if they could just click into a blog to see what’s going on? Wouldn’t that make things so much easier?”

So I began to chuck this blog together in my spare time and tah dah!
We now have the Hobbs Orchard Blog!

Here you will be able to find regular updates on orchard life, fruit season prospects, weather information and generally anything that concerns us and the orchard.
The Blog will be regularly updated year round meaning all you guys can find out exactly what’s going down in Hercules Flat, whenever you want!

So go forth my faithful followers and explore the wonderful and mystical creation that is the Hobbs Orchard Blog.

By the way, feel free to still call or email if you like. We love to hear from you.

Sam Hobbs

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  • Hi there, I read about your Roxborough Red apricots and wonder when they will be ready and what the cost is. I would like a big box of them to bottle. What would the total cost be for the apricots plus shipping costs please, to Wakefield, Nelson area.?

  • hi folks, hope you got thru the festive season ok and that the weather has not been to hard on you fruit. My sister in kaka Point is wanting plums for saucing and chutney. Do you have any thing ready or is it too soon?
    No doubt she will want apricots, peaches etc as well so she can may be get them all at once if possible? Please let me know how things are going. Take care Eileen & Robert

  • Great idea your blog is. Will look forward to the news.

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