Hobbs Family


Not much to report today guys.

We are currently waiting for our Peaches and Nectarines to ripen up.
We start P.Y.O on them on Saturday.

Apart from the that it is freezing!
Mom and I almost got frostbite packing fruit this morning!!!

Hopefully it warms up soon!!!!

We Need Sun!!!!

Due to a lack of sun we have  run out of ripe P.Y.O Haven Peaches.
P.Y.O will commence again on Saturday once the rest of the Peaches have had a couple of days to ripen up.
Sorry for this inconvenience!!!

P.Y.O “Sunglow” Nectarines will also commence on Saturday for $1.90/kg.

Packing Fruit in the Cold is Not Recommended!

It’s official; Mum and I are frozen!!!!!

You try packing fruit at 5 in the morning when the temperature is a whole 5 degrees!!!!
It’s not fun!!!!

It’s meant to get up to 24 degrees today so that will be good(once it arrives!).
We still have P.Y.O Haven Peaches available at $1.90/kg and at the moment they are brilliant for preserving.


Rained all night rather heavily.
It has cleared up now though so it should be a reasonable day.

We still have some Haven Peaches available for P.Y.O and we hope to have them for the rest of the week.

Wind is on the Way!

We are meant to have 120kph winds coming in later on today so we are hoping that they won’t do too much damage.
It would be nice to NOT have all our unripe Omega plums crash to the  ground.

We have plenty of P.Y.O Haven Peaches available at $1.90/kg.

They are great for eating or preserving.

We also have 2nds boxes of Haven Peaches on the Stall for $2.50/kg.

P.Y.O Havens

The weather isn’t too crash hot today.
The winds are what one can describe as gusty and there are meant to be some showers later on.

We will be starting P.Y.O Haven Peaches today for $1.90/kg.
We also have 2nds boxes of Haven Peaches on the Stall for $2.50/kg.

We hope the wind doesn’t hit our Omegas too hard as we have a really nice crop and they are only a month or so away from being ready!!!!!
Oh well, time will tell.

Remember, if you are thinking about heading up today then feel free to call us on 03 446 8585 for a live weather update.

P.Y.O Haven Peaches Begin Tomorrow

After lots of patient waiting, P.Y.O Haven Peaches will begin tomorrow.
The price is $1.90/kg for P.Y.O.

We had hoped to have had them sooner but thanks to the weather spitting the dummy we haven’t had enough sunshine to ripen them.
Luckily we had a decent day yesterday which managed to kick everything into gear!!!

These 5am starts in the Fruit Stall are overrated!!!

These 5am starts in the Fruit Stall are overrated!!
After 5 straight weeks of it, me and mum are a little bit shattered!!!!

Fruit-wise we still have the same as yesterday, Billington Plums, Gravenstein Apples and Haven Peaches.

Pretty Much the Same As Yesterday

No much change from yesterday.

We still have Billington Plums, Gravenstein Apples and some Haven Peaches on the Stall.

Weather today isn’t too flash hot, it’s overcast but hopefully the cloud will burn off at some stage.
Hopefully being the key word…………

Gravenstein Apples

At the moment all we have is:

2kg bags of Billington Plums, are lovely sauced, bottled, stewed or eaten raw

2.5kg bags of Gravenstein Apples, are lovely cooking apples or eating apples.

Haven Peaches 2nds, boxed on Stall at $2.50/kg, great for  eating, stewing, bottling or for freash Peaches and cream!!!!

Note: Our Gravensteins work out at $2/kg because they are very early Apples.
Our normal Apples which begin in March will be $1/kg