Hobbs Family

July 12

Another Winter Update 🧥🧣🧤
Sam put in a new pipeline through a small section of the Orchard and replaced some other pipes as well.
Here’s a few snaps of my brother at work 😊📸
We ended up having to heel in a few hundred of our new trees as we simply ran out of time to plant them out. This job will now be completed over the next few weeks before bud burst 🌳🌳 🍒🍎🍐🍑🍊
Pruning is coming along nicely and hope to have it finished within a couple of weeks 😁















11 June

34963266_989016024612629_5920407457401667584_nCrunchy Granny Smith apples are still available in 3, 5 & 10 kg bags and we are still couriering in 10 & 15kg boxes ? ?
Open from first light til dark. Flick me a txt if you need more info… Ruby..027-288-6090 ?

June 2

My mate ‘Digger Dave’ arrived this morning and “Operation Dam Clean Up” commenced – with the first half of the silt from the November storm being scooped out – what a job!! – Dave made it look so easy. :)
The second half will be scooped out in a couple of weeks time, once it has dried out a bit more. ?
Here are some before and after photos. Will post more when the job is completed. ?
“Little Toot” our pump tractor is relieved the silt is being dug out as she has been a bit worried since ‘her dam’ was assaulted by all the silt….. ‘Digger Dave’ to the rescue little buddy……

14 May

Here’s a few photos I snapped of the fencing project which still isn’t completed as time has been against us.
Buddy and James both have shared their Sundays with Sam over the past two weekends. Thanks guys ?

Last November when the horrendous thunder storm hit the valley, a massive amount of silt flew down the hill into our dam.
Only now have we got the time to get the dam cleaned.
The dam will be drained over the next few days so the digger will be here in the not too distant future.
When we were young, Mum used to take us up there for a picnic lunch – lots of great memories ❤️

I must tell you about the success of security cameras.
Many of our rural friends have followed our cue and installed them with great success. They either work as a deterrent or work as proof of criminal activity.
One farmer friend caught a person pinching his fuel, another found out who was tampering with his tractor and another found out who was snooping around his place when he went out.

Furthermore most security cameras have great audio and pick up conversations with such clarity as I found out late yesterday afternoon when I played back the footage from one of our cameras; a very bizarre, one-sided conversation was recorded. And if that wasn’t bad enough I had a ferret “grinning away” at me up at the dam! ? Can’t beat a bit of entertainment on a Sunday afternoon ?

So to anyone wanting to protect their property, I can highly recommend getting security cameras – they are well worth the investment.

We still have plenty of apples for sale in 5kg and 10kg bags. And juice boxes as well.
Txt/ring me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 if you want to place a courier order or if you have a query.

Open.….7 days…first light ? until dark