Hobbs Family

23 November

Even with our cherry netting up the Starlings are looking for any oppurtunity to find a way in and attack the cherries. Thankfully Big Bertha is on the job and today her tripod arrived meaning she can now rotate automatically after every “boom”. The direction of the sound changes each time she rotates and startles the little blighters even more :) #cherriesnotstarlings #savethefruit #bigberthaprotectorofherculesflatfruit







November 18

Our new cherry netting was a bit late in arriving due to a slow ship!?️ Just a slight mad panic to get it up today as the birds were already attacking the still green cherries.? Thankfully the damage was minimal as Big Bertha (our bird scarer) has helped fend off the marauding flocks 😉


netting 1

netting 2

netting 3

netting 4netting 5

netting 6

September 4

First night of frost fighting this season and it was a long one.? As always Little Toot the pump tractor served us well and was hard at work from midnight until 9am.
Here’s a few pics I took at first light.

sep 4 bloddom sep 4 blossoms sep 4 forst 3 sep 4 fros sep 4 frost 2 sep 4 frost 55 sep 4 frost fightin sep 4 frost fighting sep 4 frost sep 4 frost333 sep 4 moring