23 January

We have pulled the pin on PYO apricots after an extremely busy weekend but there are 7kg boxes of Clutha Gold on the Stall at a price of $20.
We have some 8kg stewing/freezing boxes for $20 as well. There is also the odd box of Moorparks.
Mum has never seen a time where PYO has been pulled so early…..apologies to all those who didn’t get up on time.
The extreme heat combined with an already early season meant that the apricots weren’t waiting around for anyone this year!
Billington plums are in 3kg bags and are $10.
Great plum for bottling, sauce, jam and eating.
They are our first red flesh plum of the Season.
Black Amber plums will be on the Stall as from Wednesday.
3 kg bags – $10.
Large blackish-purple skin plum with yellow flesh with red streaks. Great for eating & cooking.
The PYO nectarines will start on Thursday.
Our very first apple of the Season will be ready in about a week.
The Red Gravenstein is a good apple for both cooking and eating.
It has a sweet, tart taste and has firm, crisp flesh.
Great for pies, crumbles, apple sauce, chutney, eating or just stewed apples with custard. Yum! ?


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