16 February

Cox’s Orange apples are on the Stall as well as Omega plums, Bon Chretien pears and Red Gravenstein apples ?
We will be sending out courier orders of Cox’s Orange and Bon Chretien pears from Monday onwards in either 10kg or 15kg boxes as do pears.?

The wind knocked a thousand or two omegas to the ground which is what happened to the Black Doris so by Monday there will be a limited amount left. 
Txt//phone if you want them couriered or for a pickup.

We have 15 kg boxes of 2nd grade Red Gravenstein and Cox’s Orange which are great for stewing or juicing. They are not over-ripe or rubbish, they just have branch rub which is unsighty but doesn’t interfere with the flavour.

The Cox’s are great for eating and cooking, especially in pies or stewed up with custard poured on top.
Kids find them a bit tart to eat fresh and generally wait for the Royal Galas which aren’t too far away. Will keep you posted.?coxes

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