PYO Update

🍑 Moorpark and Stevens Favourite Update 🍑
PYO Stevens Favourite and Moorpark apricots starts this Saturday 😊
Remember to bring your own shopping bags, buckets, containers, boxes, etc.
Don’t worry if you forget as we have plastic bags available 😊
Due to poor pollination conditions during the springtime, our Moorpark crop is lighter than we would have liked 😳
 These conditions affected apricot crops throughout the district but even if you can’t get Moorparks from us, we can send you in the right direction to someone who will be able to supply you 😊

PYO nectarines will not be available until well after the weekend. Will keep you updated.
We are unable to accept anymore apricot courier orders….sorry about that.
Duffs Early Jewel Plums will be on the Stall from this weekend.
Billington plums….(our first red plum of the Season) will be ready hopefully halfway through next week.
Shiro plums will also be on the Stall this weekend. These plums have yellow skin and yellow flesh and are lovely for eating and making jam.
We also have boxed Peeka on the Stall – these are a delicious apricot with a tiny stone….great for bottling, freezing & eating.

If you have a fruit query, txt me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090. Remember we are open from 7am-9pm …7 days a week and we only sell what we grow

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