5 Feb

Just a reminder everyone that PYO Nectarines start tomorrow and we should have them for about 7-10 days.
Remember to bring your own buckets, boxes, shopping bags,etc. We still have plastic bags available for those who forget. :)
We have just started Red Gravenstein apples – our first apple of the season. Our main crop varieties will begin in March. They are a bit tart to eat at the moment but are wonderful for cooking 😊🍎 You can bottle them as well. One quick and easy dessert is stewed apple and custard….or you can just cook them up to have with your breakfast cereal.
We still have plenty of Billington & Burbank Plums – both of which lovely for eating, cooking, making sauce or jam, etc.
Even though we have finished our apricots, there’s still plenty in the Valley so a trip up to Central will not be wasted. 😃
Plenty more fruit is coming up. Pears should be starting this weekend – will keep you updated :)
If you have a fruit query, txt or ring me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090.
Remember we are open 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow

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