Apple Have So Many Uses

As I mentioned yesterday we now have Royal Gala available in 5kg bags for $5.
In a week or two we will have 10kg bags for $10 as well.

I personally consider Apples to be one of the favourite fruits.
They have so many uses!
You can eat them, stew them, preserve them, dehydrate them and they can a wonderful self-defense weapon when I have to protect myself from the marauding rabbits that continue to invade my garden!!!!
As long as you have a good throw you can just sit in the long grass and wait for the enemy (the rabbits) to approach.
As soon as they are in a range (about 15 metres or so)  you spring out of the grass, take aim and throw that Apple are hard as you can.

As long as your aim is true then that rabbit will reconsider his invasion and make a tactical retreat.

Job done!!

We have Royal Gala

Today we have the very first of our Royal Gala Apples.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5.
10kg bags will start in a few days.

We also have Red Doris Plums which are great for eating and are a favourite amongst kids.
2kg bags for $5

We started our Coxes Orange Apples the other day.
At this stage they still have a very tarty taste but they will definately sweeten as time goes on.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10.

Our “Omega” Plums should be ready in about 4 days – 1 week


I apologize for the lack of blog posts over the past couple of days.
It’s been impossible for me to write something witty with the terrible disaster in Christchurch.
Our thoughts are with all those affected.

The blog will be back up and running at full capacity tomorrow.

Coxes Orange Apples

At the moment we have a small amount of 2nds grade Black Doris Plums left on the Stall for $2/kg.

We also have Bon Chretien Pears, 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10.

We have finished our Gravenstein Apples but have now start our Coxes Orange Apples.
At this stage they still have a very tarty taste but they will definately sweeten as time goes on.
They are being sold in 5kg bags for $5.

I Love Nice Days

Lovely day yesterday.
The temperature got up about 25c and stayed there most of the day.
What made it great though was the gentle breeze that was blowing constantly keeping things nice and cool.

Finished digging over another area of one of my garden.
Didn’t find any Pygmy tribes this time!

Yesterday Was Cold

I’ll admit it.
We were freezing yesterday and the weather was miserable.
I mean really, if it’s going to rain then I wish it would just rain, don’t drizzle off and on all day!!!!
Make up you mind!

Bonus was though we had heaps of our regulars pop in throughout the day so chatting we them helped pass the time and take our minds off the fact we were cold.
Hopefully the weather is more favourable today.

Managed to Scrounge Some Plums!!!!

We have a limited amount of Black Doris Plums available on the stall.
Because we lost 15 ton in the September snowstorm we have only been able to scrounge the few that were left on the trees.
We have firsts at $3/kg and they are in 7kg boxes for $21 or 2nds at $2/kg and they are in a variety of sizes.

We also have Bon Chretien Pears, 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10, and Gravenstein Apples, an early Apple variety which is a great eater or cooker, 2.5kg bags for $5.
We can courier the pears.

Our “Omega” Plums should be ready in about 2 weeks.

Our “Royal Gala” Apples should be ready in a couple of weeks as well.

Another Day Another Pile of Weeds

I have effectively finished clearing the bulk of my weeds in my garden.
It may have taken me 4 days but I got there!!!

Fruit Update:

We hope to start our Omegas in about 2 weeks or so and we hope to have our Red Doris ready to go in a few days.

The Quest Continues!!

It was a lovely day yesterday.
The temperature got up into the mid-20s and I continued on my quest into the depths of my garden.
Along the way I made several discoveries such as some extra pumpkin plants that I had thrown into the ground in a corner.
The plants have thrived and have done a marvelous job at smothering the weeds in that area.
I did expect them to have more fruit though.
I suspect the Pygmies have swiped some when my back was turned.
Damn Pygmies!!!!!

Other discoveries of the day included a giant rabbit hole which I found when I strategically fell into it.
Damn rabbits!!!!!

I’ll have to do something about them.
I know!!! I’ll get the Pygmies to sort them out!! 😉

The Garden Has Been Liberated!!!

It’s official, I’ve liberated my gardens from the oppressive reign of weeds.
Well not all weeds but the giant areas of weeds that were providing housing to pygmies have been taken care of.
I’m sure the pygmies will find someplace else to set up camp.
I mean they weren’t to please when I first started ripping out the jungle of weeds (I figured that one out by the spears that flew my way) but after peace-talks they agreed it was for the best and packed up and shipped off.

Mission accomplished!!!!! 😉