Fruit Update……29 February…6:45pm

What a beautiful day! 🌞🌞

The sun is still shining brightly and the temperature is sitting at 23 degrees.

Our Black Doris plums will be finished by the end of the weekend.

There is also a small amount of Bon Chretien pears left on the Stall 🍐

Omega plums will be available on the Stall as from tomorrow.

Also known as George Wilson, they have a delicious juicy red flesh with a speckled red skin. 👍

A very old variety……great for preserving, cooking, freezing, eating, sauce, chutney, etc…..and we freeze them using the free-flow method for smoothies…… long keepers as well.

Cox’s Orange apples will also be available in 5kg and 10kg bags as from tomorrow morning…. great for eating, cooking, preserving, etc. They are a bit tartish …some kids love them while others wait impatiently for a freshly picked Royal Gala apple, which are about a week away 🍎

Courier orders for both Omega and Cox’s Orange will commence next week – sending out in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes. 📦

Get in touch if you would like to place a courier order – I send out every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Contact me, Ruby on 027 288 6090 for all queries, weather updates, etc.

Remember we are open from 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow. You’ll like our prices.

Fruit Update – Friday 23 February

Bon Chretien pears will be finished by Tuesday…..selling them in 5kg and 10kg bags 🍐

We still have a plentiful supply of Black Doris plums – available in assorted bags and boxes.

Omega plums will begin end of next week.

The very last of the Red Gravenstein apples are on the Fruit Stall today. 🍎

Sam tells me the Cox’s Orange apples are a week away and he will begin picking the Royal Gala apples on 5 March…..🍎😃

Will keep you posted…..

Another lovely day here 😊😊

Call/txt me on 027 288 6090 for any queries.

Remember we are open from 7am – 9pm every day and we only sell what we grow.

Update – Saturday 17 February

Apricots are now finished.

On the Fruit Stall we have boxes and bags of Purple King plums, Bon Chretien pears🍐🍐and Small bags of Red Gravenstein apples 🍎 our first apple of the season.

Black Doris plums are also available on the Stall as of today.

In boxes/bags – great for Jam, sauce, bottling – eating, etc – so easy to freeze – halve and freeze in freezer bags – cook from frozen – stewed plums and hot custard during winter is an inexpensive convenient dessert….or stewed plums and muesli for breakfast – stewed plums with ice cream/yoghurt – the list goes on…muffins…cakes….crumbles 😋😋

Still taking courier orders for both Pears and Black Doris – sending them out in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes. Contact me if you have any queries or would like to place an order.

If you are passing through and wanting a large amount off the Stall, you can pre-order and we will organise it for you.

Our Luisa plums were decimated by the winds during the week as were the Hawera plums 😲😳😳

Very disappointing to say the least!

Thankfully the Black Doris were not affected.

Cox’s Orange apples will now start in the first week in March – unseasonal weather has caused this delay.

Royal Gala will be a week later🍎🍎

All the other apple varieties are looking good as are the Quinces.

Contact me on 027 288 6090 for all queries.

Remember we are open 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow.

Fruit Update- Friday – 9 February

Over the next few days we will have the very last of our apricots which are picked on a daily basis.

Clutha Gold are a delicious apricot – the taste of a Moorpark with the skin of a Sundrop.

Good quality 2nd Grade boxes are available daily until finished.

PYO Moorpark and Stevens Favourite apricots are still all go and will continue until they finish – all ladder work…

Purple King plums are available as from today.

Sweet and juicy, yellow flesh with a purple skin.

A great eating plum and are also used for cooking.

Billington plums – red flesh – are on the stall for jam, eating, sauce. This variety was affected by the weather so they are very small this season.

Bon Chretien Pears – also known as Bartlett and Williams Bon Chretien – will be on the Fruit Stall as from tomorrow-Saturday – Sam intends to start the pick tonight.🍐🍐

They must be ripened off the tree as this is when they develop their lovely flavour so are picked when slightly green….. great for eating and bottling.

Red Gravenstein – Heritage – are an early season apple which ripens in Summer 🍎🍎 – on the Fruit Stall as from early next week – very crisp and very tart so are mostly used for cooking. Great for chutney, jelly, pies or ‘custard and stewed apples’ which I was introduced to as a very young child which I still love to this very day 😊 (thanks Mum).

Black Doris plums are about 10-14 days away.

Hawera and Luisa plums are about 10-14 days away.

Cox’s Orange apples are about 3 weeks away.

Royal Gala about 4 weeks away.

Today is a lovely day with tomorrow looking very disappointing at this stage 😳 however – Sunday – Monday – Tuesday and Wednesday look great!

Call me anytime on 027 288 6090 for all queries.

PYO Update – Sunday 4 February

Great News!

Today and tomorrow are definitely fine days with no rain at all……yahoo….😁😁☀️

Thank goodness the last two days are done and dusted……the weather has been simply awful! 🥶

PYO Nectarines are still plentiful. Only a few brave souls picked yesterday…we tried very hard to deter people from coming up and it worked……

PYO Moorpark and Stevens Favourite apricots are still all go.

Also, we have plenty of good quality 2nd Grade boxes of Clutha Gold apricots on the Fruit Stall… Mum (Sandra) and I are making them up at this very moment.

There are no Nectarines on the Fruit Stall – only PYO…very easy picking… 👍

Call me on 027 288 6090 for all queries.


PYO Nectarines are all go – but there is an issue!

I don’t actually know which ‘Weather Report’ to believe. 😳😳

Some say showers all day, off and on, and others say only showers in afternoon or none at all..🌦

But tomorrow and Monday are great…yahoo.. 😁

Please bring your own buckets, shopping bags, boxes or whatever.

We do have shopping bags available for those who forget.

Nectarines are great for bottling, drying stewing, freezing, eating, etc.

‘On Sellers’ or ‘Hawkers’ are strictly forbidden.

PYO is for those wanting fruit to eat or large amounts for bottling, stewing, freezing, drying, etc….

Some pick for their elderly relatives/friends…

PYO Moorparks, & Stevens Favourites are still all go.

Amazingly they haven’t been affected by the rain – will probably finish by Monday but I could be wrong.

As there are other Stalls with boxed Moorparks, you won’t miss out on these…

Mum (Sandra) and I are packing up boxes of Clutha Gold in the Stall for those who don’t want to pick.

Ring me anytime on 027 288 6090 for all queries.

Remember we are open from 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow.

very busy time on the Fruit Stall.

PYO Moorparks are still plentiful as is Steven’s Favourite – they are both old varieties and very tasty.

The next lot of PYO Nectarines are about a week away.

Remember to bring your own bags/buckets for PYO 👍

Black Amber plums will be on the Stall as from today. They are a large black plum – yellow flesh with a tinge of red just under the skin – the taste is divine.

Billington plums are just around the corner – will keep you posted.

Another lovely day ahead of us today with sunshine and no rain or wind predicted! ☺️☺️☀️☀️

On the Stall we have boxed Clutha Gold and Stevens Favourite – we don’t have any Moorparks on the Stall – only on the trees.

On our way up the garden path to the Fruit Stall this morning, Sandra (Mum) and I were greeted by a very large aggressive possum on the pathway – it seemed hell bent on scaring us – which I must admit it did – so if we were half asleep walking over here, we certainly aren’t now!! 😳😳

Call me on 0027 288 6090anytime for fruit queries.

Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow.

Good morning everyone!

It is 2.30am and we have a very cold start to the day.

Good news – there is no rain predicted for the next few days.

PYO Nectarines starts today!

PYO Roxburgh Red apricots are still all go and are plentiful….they are great for bottling, freezing, drying, stewing, etc.

PYO Moorparks are still on track for this coming Saturday.

So sorry we couldn’t coincide Nectarines and Moorparks.

The weather is to blame – not impressed – it should have played the game but it was like an errant child.

The naughty step is where it should be this summer!

Contact me on 027 288 6090 for weather updates, order queries, etc.

Open 7am-9pm every day

You will like our prices!


Lovely sunny day ahead of us 🌞🌞🌞

Great news – all the previous dates for PYO are still on track, even though the weather is still very unpredictable.🌤🌤🌧⛅️☁️🌞⭐️

Peeka apricots, a very old variety are available on the Stall from today.

Sam and the boys picked many crates of them.

They are small with a wee stone.

A great all rounder – eating, bottling, freezing, jam, stewing, sauce, etc.

Trust me you will come back year after year for them.

We have plenty of Eating boxes, bottling and freezing boxes and 2nd grade boxes available on the Stall. 😊

There is no PY0 with this variety.

Call me anytime on 027 288 6090 for all queries.


PYO Sundrops will finish next Tuesday 23 January. Boxed Sundrops on the Fruit Stall will be available until next Tuesday.

PYO Roxburgh Red will start on Monday 22 January, and we will have them on the Fruit Stall as well.

This is a very old variety….great for eating, bottling, freezing, drying, jam….actually everything! They are simply delicious. They mark easily so if it rains, they look untidy…….like the Moorkparks but this doesn’t alter the great taste of them flavour.


PYO Nectarines start on Wednesday 24 January.

Hawkers/On-Sellers are not permitted.

We sell only to Individuals and families who want the enjoyment of picking for bottling, freezing, eating, chutney, relish, etc and they are well aware not to pick ridiculous amounts. Due to the popularity of nectarines they go very quickly and are known to go in a single day or two – there is another PYO variety that ripens in another two weeks.

Clutha Gold and Valley Gold apricots will be on the Fruit Stall as from Wednesday 24 January.

Moorparks are starting to show a tad of colour so maybe at this stage…..January 27 might be when PYO starts….will keep you posted…

Billington plums – red skin and red flesh – are great for eating, sauce and jam – will be on the Fruit Stall from next Wednesday.

Shiro plums will also be available at this time.

The weather has been all over the place this Season, making it very difficult task to predict when fruit varieties will be ready!

I asked Mum (Sandra) for a Crystal Ball last Xmas but she forgot to buy it! 😄😄

Thank you everyone for your patience.

Please remember to phone/txt me, Ruby, for all enquiries – weather, fruit orders, fruit queries, or anything else.

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