Closing for the Season on Tuesday!

The trees are shutting down as are we (just for the season!) so the last day for courier orders and contactless pickup orders will be this coming Tuesday (12 May) ?
We have the last of Democrat, Splendour, Braeburn and Granny Smith apples ???? sending out in 10kg and 15kg boxes….am more than happy to do a mixture….PM or TXT me on 027 288 6090 if you want to place an order ?

Thank you so much to everybody who has supported us once again this Season ???
Shutting down our Stall in late March was pretty distressing for us but because of the courier and contactless orders we have survived! And we will see you all again next Season! ??
Keep taking good care of each other – we are in very precarious times – hopefully this nasty virus will eventually drop off the face of this Earth as we really don’t need this! ?? Life is hard enough without this added complication……
We, the Hobbs Family, send much love to everyone ❤️❤️❤️








It’s a gorgeous day here so have been out picking apples this afternoon – there’s nothing better than being on my Hydralada on a day like this ??
Braeburn, Granny Smith, Democrat and Splendour apples will be available for courier and contactless pick up this week – sending out in 10 and 15kg boxes…..all the same price so you can have them in a mixed box if you want ????
We also have some small Granny Smith which are still great for eating and cooking but are priced accordingly.
Braeburn, Granny Smith and Democrat are great for eating and cooking and Splendour are sweet and juicy for eating only.

All courier orders will be sent out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week..…….if you would like a box TXT me on 0272886090 or send me a PM ??

Hope everyone is doing well in their ‘bubble’……now that we are at level 3 obviously we must all stay vigilant as we don’t want a second wave of this dreadful virus…..take care everyone ❤️

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19 April

What a day we have today…….gorgeous blue sky day ? I am out here in the Orchard busy picking apples which are going out tomorrow ?? All Monday and Tuesday courier spaces are full up but we still have a few spaces for Wednesday but, sorry, only for orders going to Mosgiel, Balclutha and Dunedin. If anybody wants to place an order, contact me on 0272886090 or send me a PM. Hope you are all coping ok in your own individual ‘bubble’………it’s such a trying time but we will all make it through as long as we are vigilant ❤️ ❤️








Update – 17 April

These days I am often asked how this ‘nasty virus’ has affected us as many friends are being paid to stay at home and sadly some will not have a job to go back to, while others will.
Absolutely tragic for the businesses which will go under ?
Pleased to report I am still working, but getting out of bed at 5am not 4am these days
We will ride through this tragedy and even though the Fruit Stall had to close early, we are extremely grateful to still having courier orders and contactless pickups so life goes on pretty much as usual so between picking, packing and early pruning, I have the same full day, each and everyday ? And I am fortunate as I really love ‘my job’ and as an added bonus, our ‘bubble’ is both home and Orchard, soooo my daily ride around the Orchard on my Kawasaki Mule with my gorgeous sister Belle has not been hindered, much to her delight ?❤️
Sam is kept busy with his work and Mum’s extra spare time has given her more time in the garden. There is always a trailer of garden prunings to take away ?????
So everyone please keep an eye on family and friends as life can change in a heartbeat ❤️❤️

Next Monday is full up for courier orders but I still have spaces for Tuesday to both the North and South Island and Wednesday just the South Island.
Next week we have the last of the Royal Gala apples as well as Golden Delicious – Golden Delicious are a great eating and cooking apple – excellent for pies, crumbles, shortcakes, etc. ????
Red Delicious and Braeburn are now available. Granny Smith will be starting the week after.
Quinces are still available – if you would like my Mum’s quince jelly recipe, let me know and I’ll PM it to you. Sending out orders in 10kg and 15kg boxes. As usual pm or txt me 0272886090 to place an order or for any fruit enquiries ??








Due to the New Zealand Government issuing a nationwide lockdown effective from Wednesday March 25  at 11:59pm  we will be closing the Stall at 7pm on Wednesday.
But don’t worry everyone – we will still be able to send out nationwide courier orders for the rest of the fruit season and will be posting regularly to update you as to what fruit we have available for dispatch :) 

At the moment for courier we have Royal Gala apples and Cox’s Orange apples and the very last of Omega plums. Cox’s Orange are great for eating and cooking and Royal Gala apples are nice and crispy for eating. 

We send plums out in 5kg and 10kg boxes and apples are sent out in 10kg and 15kg boxes. 

Courier orders can only go out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

PM me or txt/ring me (Ruby) on 0272886090 to place an order.

Next week Golden Delicious apples will also be available for courier – these are a lovely cooking and eating apple.  

I will keep you up to date as to what variety comes next. 

Contact me on 0272886090 anytime for any queries or questions.  

It is a very scary time for all of us – please keep safe everyone and look after yourselves. 

#fightcovid19 #weareallinthistogether #keepcalmandeatapples  




Yes… it is scary times with this nasty Virus hitting our shores……I never thought for a minute this would ever happen but here it is ??
So just to reassure you all, we are taking this so very seriously…our Fruit Stall surfaces are wiped down on a continual basis and all fruit is now bagged not boxed for hygiene purposes….and I can guarantee our fruit is not handled by anyone other than by my Mum or me ?
I can assure you hygiene is paramount to us both.
Furthermore our Fruit Stall is “open air” with our wooden sliding door being open all day long.…and the fact that we can stand behind the counter, a good distance away whilst you sort out what fruit you want….this means we are all safe.

I hope this will make you feel safe whilst purchasing…..or you can txt or phone with an order and remember we can leave it on the picnic table in front of the Fruit Stall with an invoice so you can pay online or we can courier an order to you – just send me a txt or call ?

On the Fruit Stall we have Royal Gala and Cox’s Orange apples available in 5kg and 10kg bags and we are couriering them out in 10kg and 15kg boxes ????
This will be our last weekend for Omega plums, which are available on the Stall in 3kg bags and 5kg bags.

Remember, if you have any fruit enquires, weather updates etc, txt or call me on 027 288 6090.

#soworriedaboutmyfriendsallaroundtheworld #keepsafeeveryone

Royal Gala apples are in!

Crunchy, new season Royal Gala apples are available on the Stall in 5kg and 10kg bags as from today ????
Cox’s Orange are a great eating and cooking apple and are also available in 5kg and 10kg bags ?
Omega plums are on the Stall in 7kg boxes and 3kg bags ? Tuesday and Wednesday will be the last days for courier orders of Omegas ?? Royals Gala and Cox’s Orange apples will be sent out in either 10kg or 15kg boxes as from Tuesday ??
Quinces are about a couple of weeks away ??
Contact me on 0272886090 with any fruit queries, weather updates, orders,etc ? Remember we are open 7 days from first light until dark and we only sell what we grow ????


Update – 5 March

Omega plums and Cox’s Orange apples are now available on the Stall ???? Omega plums are delicious for eating, stewing, bottling, jam, chutney, sauce, etc. ? Unlike the Black Doris which are freestone, Omega are clingstone but Mum and I just cut off the stone when bottling as they are so tasty. Omega plum courier orders will commence next week…..sending orders out in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes – PM or txt me if you would like a box ??
Cox’s Orange apples are great for eating and bottling and these are sent out in 10kg and 15kg boxes ???
Bon Chretien Pears will be all over by Sunday as will Black Doris plums so if you haven’t gotten your fix for the season, come grab them while you still can ??
Still have Purple King plums for sale…..we will most likely be finishing them by early next week.
Royal Gala apples will be available on the Stall as from 12th March – will keep you posted if this date changes ??
As usual, contact me on 027 288 6090 for any queries, weather updates, courier orders, etc.
Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow ????

Black Doris are ready!

Our Black Doris plums are down in volume this year ??? but we will still have 7kg boxes of smaller sized plums and Second Grade boxes, suitable for sauce only, on the Fruit Stall from tomorrow on ??
Black Doris are great for stewing, bottling, chutney, jam, sauce and eating ?
Bon Chretien Pears and Purple King Plums are still available ??

Omega plums and Cox’s Orange apples will be available sometime next week ??� Will keep you posted as to the exact date. Royal Gala apples should be available about the 12th March – will keep you posted about these too ?
This Season has been extremely erratic so trying to find a ripeness date for each variety has and is a very frustrating exercise……thank you so much for your patience ???
As usual, ring/txt me on 0272886090 for any queries about fruit, placing courier orders, weather reports, etc. ???

Fruit update ??

We have a plentiful supply of Purple King plums as well as Bon Chretien pears available on the Stall ???

Still couriering plums and pears in 10kg and 15kg boxes – message me if you would like to place an order ??
Red Gravenstein apples will be finished by Thursday ??

Cox’s Orange apples will be at least another 10 days away – hoping they will be ready around March 3rd and Royal Gala apples will be about 10 March this year. We have never had apples this late before ? but I guess there’s a first for everything….a very crazy season ??
Black Doris plums will be on the Stall as from Saturday 29th February…..after much delay they are finally ripening! ??
Omega plums will be ready in about 12 days time. Both plum varieties are delicious for eating, bottling, sauce, jam, chutney, etc. ?
Contact me on 027 2886090 for any fruit queries, weather updates, courier orders, etc??
Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow ??



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