20231119_143454Apricot thinning is in full swing!! ??

Here’s some photos of a couple of apricot trees after they were thinned.
At the moment all fruit varieties are looking great…I can’t predict an opening date yet but it should be about the middle of December ?
Early spuds will be first up ?then cherries ?followed by apricots and the rest.
If you have any fruit queries, flick me a TXT or ring me on 027 288 6090.
Mum and I are looking forward to opening the Fruit Stall for the Season and catching up with everyone.
Will post more photos soon! ??

Another night of frost-fighting ?2 nights in a row! ?
The frost alarm went very early again…..10:50pm.
Turned the pump on at 1:15am this morning ?
Here’s a few photos I took down around the house at 7:30am ??
Will be shutting off as soon as the Sun is up ?
After two nights of zero sleep I think maybe I will head to bed for a couple of hours ??

IMG_1005 IMG_1035 IMG_1043 IMG_1048 IMG_1051 IMG_1061 IMG_1065

Saturday 22 April
Granny Smith apples are now on the Fruit Stall ??
Golden Delicious are still available but we will finish picking this variety sometime during next week.
Braeburn, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious are wonderful for cooking as well as eating – we bottle both Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. An alternative is cooking up a large pot of apples and then scooping them into bottles or freezer bags. Great for having with custard or used in Crumbles, Cobblers or Shortcakes and of course Apple Cake and Apple Muffins are simply delicious.
Splendour are a lovely dessert apple as well as being a delicious eating apples – a very old variety ??
Quinces are also available in 3kg and 5kg boxes – the crop is lighter this Season due to appalling weather conditions a few months ago.
A lovely day of 19 degrees is predicted for today – looking forward to seeing the sun! ??
I am still sending out apples in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes – as Tuesday is Anzac Day, courier orders will be sent out on Wednesday.
We are open from first light until dark and if you want to pick some fruit up outside these hours call me on 027 288 6090 and I’ll have your order ready for you.

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?Fruit Update ?
Royal Gala apples will be finished by the end of this weekend.
Plenty of Golden Delicious apples available – these are a delicious eating and cooking apple. Kids love them. Great for stewing and freezing or bottling. Sandra (Mum) has always bottled these as far back as I can remember as they are great for Apple Shortcake and Apples and Custard during the Winter months.
Also Oregon Red Delicious apples are available. These are a lovely eating apple – an old timer – they are also popular for dehydrating.
All apple varieties are sold in 5kg and 10kg bags.
Remember you can sample all of the apples before purchasing.
Braeburn and Splendour apples will be available on Sunday as well.
Granny Smith apples will be available the following weekend ??
Due to the horrendous winds the last few weeks, our Quince crop is lighter this Season so once I get the pre-orders away I will know how many I will have available for the Fruit Stall. Sorry about this ?
Quince orders will be sent out on Monday and Tuesday – for those with pick up orders – I will be in contact over the weekend to organise pick up times.
It has been a cold wet week here with rain every day from Tuesday – today is our first lovely day since Easter Monday – the upcoming weekend is going to be the same as today – I am embracing the warmth! ?
I must admit I had to light the fire for those few wet days as my cats were absolutely miserable and needed extra warmth ?? #catloverforlife
Contact me for all queries on 027 288 6090 – we are open from first light until dark – but if you are travelling through later – no worries – give me a call and I will have your fruit ready for you.

The storm the other day thankfully only did a small amount of damage. We did however lose a fair amount of Omega plums and some quinces – our apples all held on so no problems there!

We still have some 2nd grade Omega plums available on the Stall but they will be finished in the next couple of days.

Freshly picked Royal Gala apples are available on the Fruit Stall at the moment. Sam and the crew pick every night so freshness is always guaranteed. ???

Cox’s Orange are still available but will be finishing them by the end of this coming week.

Red Delicious apples start sometime towards the end of next week …….couldn’t actually pin Sam down to an exact day so will keep you posted.

Golden Delicious apples should be in about 10 days….will keep you posted.

Quinces are a good 2-3 weeks away….…will keep you posted. The other apple varieties are yet to ripen so will let you know when I have a rough idea of the picking dates.?

Good news on the ferret front – I have been ‘ferret free’ for the last 9 days so have my fingers crossed it keeps up.

I have had quite a culling over the last couple of months – at one stage I ended up trapping 12 ferrets in one week ?that was certainly a busy time!

I am still sending out 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes of apples – my courier days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – contact me on 027 288 6090 for any enquiries or to place an an order.

Remember our hours are 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow.??



19th March

??Fruit Update ??

Plenty of Omega plums, Royal Gala and Cox’s Orange apples are available on the Fruit Stall. ??

Omega plums will probably finish by the end of this coming week.

Quinces are still a wee bit away – will keep you posted? Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples will be ready around mid-April – I will keep you updated as to when other apples varieties are available on the Stall.

Plums are available 2nd grade boxes and bags now as they are a wee bit smaller than 1st Grade.

Delicious for eating, slicing off the stone for freezing, bottling, Jam, Chutney and dehydrating ?

Due to Otago Anniversary Day, our next courier days are Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Give me a call on 027 288 6090 for all queries. ?

You will like our prices!

Open every day from 7am-9pm.

11th March

Quick fruit update

Our Royal Gala apples are late this year due to the weather so they will now be available from next Tuesday 14th March ???
Omega plums and Cox’s Orange apples are in plentiful supply on the Stall in assorted size bags and boxes?

I am still taking courier orders for both Omega and Cox’s Orange apples ? and am now taking orders for Royal Gala (pick up and courier) – contact me on 027 288 6090 to enquire or to place an order.

Remember our hours are 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow ??


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Fruit Update – Saturday 25th February

There is plenty of Bon Chretien Pears and Black Doris plums available on the Stall – freshly picked every day ?

Omega plums will start Tuesday next week – also known as George Wilson plums – these are known for their long keeping quality and great flavour.

Cox’s Orange apples will start next weekend – Royal Gala will follow shortly after.

I am still sending out Bon Chretien pears (Bartlett pear) and Black Doris plums – this will commence again on Monday. Remember Courier days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Monday of each week is the only Courier day for the North Island.

You will like our prices!

After a cold wet spell, we are back to sunshine today with the next few days looking amazing as well ???

More devastating weather has hit many parts of the North Island again ? absolutely devastating for so many. Our hearts go out to family, friends and folk we’ve never met who are affected by this devastation – such a frightening time ?


This beautiful dog, Judd, came to visit last weekend – he brought Bill and Helen along with him ? He was a hit with the customers – loves his truck – even allows Bill to drive it!

Contact me, Ruby on 027 288 6090 anytime for any queries.

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Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow ?

Fruit Update – Tuesday 14 February 2023
The old favourite, Bon Chretian pears?? are available on the Fruit Stall in 5 and 10 kg bags as well as Red Gravenstein apples ??……2kg and 4kg bags – Purple King plums……2.5kg bags.
Black Doris plums are officially on the Stall today! ??
Black Doris were going to start this coming weekend but they ripened so fast over the past few days – they took both Sam and I by surprise ???
Sooo as the first pick was last night – I managed to pack a huge amount to catch the Courier as I wanted to get a head start at getting the pre-orders away.
More are going tomorrow and then next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – you will be notified before I despatch them. No worries if you need to modify your order ?
Pick-up Orders are available as well – just let me know the day before so I can have them ready.
Sadly all North Island orders have been put on hold for the time-being due to the horrendous weather conditions which have affected so many.
The devastation is simply overwhelming and we are saddened greatly for everyone affected ?
You may see a dust on the plums – this is a naturally occurring dust called a ‘bloom’.
The purpose of this bloom is to minimize moisture loss from the surface of the skin. It is safe to eat without washing ?
Pick-up Orders are available as well – just let me know the day before so I can have them ready.
Cox’s Orange and Royal Gala apples are still a couple of weeks away – Omega plums are looking great and should be ready in early March as well.
Call me anytime, Ruby on 027 288 6090 for any enquiries
Remember our hours are 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow ???

Fruit Update – 5th February

Today was a much cooler day compared to the last weeks of hellish hot conditions ☀️☀️??
Yesterday’s temperature was pretty intense, with it still being 34c at 7pm last night! ?
All apricots will be finished by the time the Fruit Stall closes up for the night.
This is the very first time that neither Mum nor I couldn’t muster up any free time to crank up the Preserver to bottle some. ?
When I say ’some’ I mean at least 200 jars ?
Thankfully we have a few left over from last Season which are still in perfect condition ?
I inherited Mums love of bottling and I must say it is very addictive.
Throughout the years we have gladly passed this skill onto many.
Now back to the fruit ??
Tomorrow we will have Purple King plums.
These are purple skinned with a yellow flesh and are sweet and juicy.
Ideal for eating fresh or cooking.
We poach them slowly in a small amount of water with sugar to taste.
Great cold with cream or yoghurt, Crumble, or with dried cereal or porridge.
They can also be used in chutney and jam.
Plums are a refreshing fruit and are enjoyed by everyone.
Red Gravenstein apples are our very first apple way ahead of our main crop.
They are a tart apple and if you find your taste buds freaking out, they are great for cooking ???
Cooked apples and custard is a childhood favourite of mine.
Sam tells me the Bon Chretian pears won’t start now until Thursday at the earliest ???
The Luisa and Hawera plums are still a bit away.
Black Doris and Omega plums are further down the track – orders being taken for both these varieties.
Ring me, Ruby, anytime for any fruit or weather queries.
Remember we are open from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow.