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PYO Nectarines not for a bit!

PYO Roxburgh Red and PYO Nectarines will not be available this weekend as they will not be ripe enough. At this stage it will be the following weekend ? Will keep you updated.
Plenty of Sundrop apricots on the trees for PYO & every day we have freshly picked 1st grade and 2nd grade boxes of Sundrops on the Stall ?
Moorpark and Stevens Favourite apricots are 2 weeks away.
Peeka and Valley Gold apricots will be available on the Stall from next week ?
We also have a limited amount of Diamond Bright nectarines available on the Stall. Bit of a crazy season with the ripening dates out of wack! ???
Txt/ring me on 027 288 6090 anytime for fruit queries, placing courier orders, weather updates,etc.
Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow ?




Quick fruit update ?

Plenty of boxed 1st grade and 2nd grade of Sundrop apricots on the Stall and also plenty on the trees for PYO ? We will have them for another week and hopefully the Roxburgh Red and Valley Gold will be available next weekend for PYO.

Will let you know….Moorparks are still a good two weeks away or possibly longer.

Duff’s Early Jewel plums are available on the stall – these are yellow flesh and lovely for eating ?

PYO Nectarines could possibly be next weekend but will keep you updated.
The weather is magnificent now! Beautiful hot days…we finally have summer ??
Contact me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 for any fruit queries or weather updates… from 7am – 9pm every day ??
Remember we only sell what we grow and you will like our prices ?


Quick fruit update ?
Plenty of Sundrops and Earli Ril apricots on the Fruit Stall….also Red Beaut and Wilson’s Early Plums ?
Remember PYO doesn’t start until Wednesday ?
Open 7 days from 7am – 9pm.
Ring/txt me on 027 288 6090 if you have any queries ?


Fruit Update

We will have boxes of Earli Ril and Sundrop apricots on the Fruit Stall as from tomorrow as the Sun has finally decided to announce its presence after a very dismal start to Summer ???

PYO Sundrops will still be from Wednesday the 15th……as they will ripen on mass by then, rather than the odd few which Sam is picking from his Hydralada at present ???

Wilsons’s Early and Red Beaut plums also available on the Stall at the moment.
Both these varieties are delicious yellow-flesh plums ?
Our cherries are all finished but there are plenty available throughout the Valley ?
Please contact me, Ruby, if you have any fruit queries,
fruit orders or weather updates….027 288 6090 ?


Come out sun wherever you are!

What a night… ?????
Rain and horrific winds battered the Orchard all night ???☔️??

Due to the lack of “Sun” I am sad to say that PYO Sundrop apricots will now commence on Wednesday the 15th of January ??

At this time, it looks like PYO Roxburgh Red apricots are about 2 weeks away.
PYO Moorpark and Stevens Favourites about 2-3 weeks away as are Valley Gold and all the other varieties of apricots.
PYO Nectarines are about 2 weeks away.
All the varieties of Plums will be a bit later as well.
Golden Queen peaches will be April this year.

I will keep you updated as dates can change if Summer decides to show itself ??

Please txt or phone me …Ruby….027 288 6090….anytime for fruit updates, orders, or weather forecasts ??
A very frustrating Season so far and I thank you all for your patience and understanding ?

Sam will be doing a very selective pick of Sundrop and Early Ril apricots later this week so from this Friday (10th January) on we will have boxes of Sundrop and Early Ril apricots on the Fruit Stall ?
Wilson’s Early plums will be also be available… these are yellow-flesh and popular with kids.
�Our cherries will be finished later in the week but there is still plenty in the Valley so you won’t miss out ?

Remember we only sell what we grow ?

Whoops nearly forgot, we can no longer provide plastic bags for PYOers due to a Law Change so remember to bring your fish crates, buckets, washing baskets, shopping bags, cardboard boxes etc ?????

#sunshinewouldbegreat #stophiding

Fruit Update ??

The Earli Ril and Sundrop apricots still need a few more days of sunshine to ripen ?? very disappointing ? I was hoping the start date for PYO would be the 10th but at the moment it could easily be the 12th as the weather is so unpredictable. I will keep you posted. So sorry for this inconvenience ?
If you would like Sundrop apricots couriered, feel free to pre-order now ? PM, TXT or ring me (Ruby)…0272886090….to place your order/enquire about prices including region freight charges ??
We still have plenty of freshly picked cherries available on the Stall ?
Remember we are open every day from 7am – 9pm and we only sell what we grow ?


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone and what a gorgeous morning it is – 21 degrees already ??
Just a reminder that we are open 7 days a week from
7am – 9pm ?
Plenty of freshly picked cherries available on the Fruit Stall ??
We are still waiting for the Early Ril and Sundrop apricots and Wilson’s Early plums to fully ripen ??
If the high temperatures keep up we will definitely be picking them by the 10th of this month ??
Remember txt or phone me (Ruby) anytime for fruit queries, weather updates……027 288 6090 ?

We need sun

I just checked the weather forecast and it looks good for the next few days and hopefully it will keep this way ??
This means the apricots will be ripening fast sooo hopefully the PYO will start on the 10th of January ??
Wilson’s Early plums are not early this Season but with the predicted Sun they are probably a week away.
Plenty of freshly picked cherries available on the Fruit Stall in 1 kg punnets ????
Call or TXT me….Ruby……0272886090……anytime for fruit queries , pre-orders or weather updates ?
Remember we only sell what we grow ?

Merry Christmas!

Apparently, the Law, who we must obey, says we cannot be open tomorrow so very sorry about this, as we would love to be open for those who are travelling to visit friends and relatives.
From Boxing Day onwards we will be open on a continual basis…7 days a week from 7am until 9pm…..with plenty of cherries in 1 kg punnets available ??
If the Sun decides to shine, we should have apricots from early January on the Fruit Stall with PYO Sundrop apricots commencing about the 10th of January ?? All the other fruit varieties are looking great on the trees ?
I will keep you updated but feel free to txt me anytime……Ruby….0272886090…if you have any fruit queries ?
From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Xmas and hope you have a lovely day with your family and friends as we will ????

?New Spuds update ?

Tomorrow will be the last day for new spuds as we were inundated with sales today and our crop was down this year due to the cold Spring ?There are other Fruit Stalls that are selling New Spuds so you won’t miss out ?
We still have a plentiful supply of cherries ???
Apricots should be on track for January 10th ??