PYO Nectarines Start Today!

We now have PYO “Sunglow” Nectarines starting today!
Thanks to some decent weather in recent days the Nectarines are lovely, sweet and ripe.
The price is $1.90/kg.


On the Stall today we have:

A great supply of 1st and 2nd Grade Apricots, all priced accordingly
Shiro Plums 2kg bags for $6
Red Gravenstein Apples 2.5kg bags for $5
Greengages 2.5kg bags for $10

For PYO we have:

Moorpark Apricots $1.90/kg
Roxburgh Red Apricots $1.90/kg
Sundrop Apricots $1.90/kg
Valley Gold Apricots $1.90/kg
Shiro Plums $1.90/kg
Sunglow Nectarines $1.90/kg

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