Apple Have So Many Uses

As I mentioned yesterday we now have Royal Gala available in 5kg bags for $5.
In a week or two we will have 10kg bags for $10 as well.

I personally consider Apples to be one of the favourite fruits.
They have so many uses!
You can eat them, stew them, preserve them, dehydrate them and they can a wonderful self-defense weapon when I have to protect myself from the marauding rabbits that continue to invade my garden!!!!
As long as you have a good throw you can just sit in the long grass and wait for the enemy (the rabbits) to approach.
As soon as they are in a range (about 15 metres or so)  you spring out of the grass, take aim and throw that Apple are hard as you can.

As long as your aim is true then that rabbit will reconsider his invasion and make a tactical retreat.

Job done!!

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