Ferret Attack!!!!!

While Mum was on her way to the shower this morning at 4am she heard a commotion coming from the chook house.
Clad in her pyjamas, she quickly raced out the door to investigate.
As she approached the chicken house, torch in hand, she saw a ferret shoot out from a small gap in the door!!!!

Thinking fast she grabbed a nearby spade and proceeded to calmly hurl it in the direction of the fleeing ferret.
She then realized that the ferret could have re-enforcements hiding nearby so she decided to retreat to the house and wake me up.

I then went out and surveyed the damage.
4 chickens were killed by the ferret and now only 2 (rather traumatized) chickens remain.

I’ve set our ferret traps around the chicken house so now it is just a waiting game.

One thing is for sure though, this ferret is going down!!!!!

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