Quince Jelly

We still have plenty of apples available – picked fresh every day – Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Red Delicious……Royal Gala will be finished by the weekend :)
And we also have quinces available in 3kg bags or 5kg boxes – here’s Mum’s quince jelly recipe 😄 She uses the jelly bag with the wooden stand which you can buy from Milly’s 😊

Sandra’s Quince Jelly Recipe

2-5kg Quinces

Wash and cut quinces into chunks…do not peel or core.
Place the chunks in a preserving pan or large pot and add water to just cover the fruit…if you add too much water, scoop it out.
Bring to the boil and simmer until it is a thick, soft pulp…. this should take about an hour. Stir with a wooden spoon often.
Don’t worry if it takes longer….patience is required.
Once cooked, strain through a jelly bag.
Do not be impatient and squeeze the jelly bag as this will cause the jelly to become cloudy.
A clear jelly looks gorgeous in the jars.
Bring the measured juice to the boil and add sugar gradually…..for every 1 cup juice, add 1 cup sugar.
Stir continually over a moderate heat until sugar is dissolved.
Then bring to a rolling boil until setting point is reached.
To test put a little jelly on a cold saucer…leave to cool slightly.
If set it will wrinkle when touched and if you run your finger through it, the gap will remain open.

Pour jelly into clean sterilised jars* and seal.

*To sterilise, place clean jars into the oven at 120C for 30 minutes.

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