Fruit update

After a couple of nasty days of atrocious weather 😳😳😱🥶I am pleased to announce we have survived what nature chucked at us…….nerves are a bit fraught though 😬😬😬

Starting from tomorrow PYO will be back on track so the Moorparks and Stevens Favourite will be all go ☺️
The nectarines are still a few days away – will keep you posted 👍
Black Amber plums will be on the Stall as from tomorrow as will Billington and Shiro plums.
Black Amber are yellow flesh and delicious, Billington are red flesh and are great for eating or sauce/bottling and Shiro are yellow flesh and great for eating and making jam.
To our Southland customers we should still have PYO apricots from the weekend onwards, but if we don’t have them I will be able to send you to other Fruit Stalls who will definitely have them. You will not miss out ☺️
So very sad for all you guys affected by the flooding….words simply cannot express how we feel 😞😞<3 <3

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