🍏🍎🍏Fruit update 🍏🍎🍏
Omega plums will finish early next week – available in 3kg bags and 7kg boxes so grab some whilst you still can 😁
Royal gala and Cox’s Orange apples are available in 5kg and 10kg bags on the Stall. 😊😊
Royal Gala are sweet, crisp, and crunchy for eating and Cox’s Orange are wonderful for cooking and also eating – they are now tree ripened for those who like them a bit sweeter.
Also have 2nd grade boxes available of both apple varieties.
Also couriering the apples in 10kg and 15kg boxes πŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ“¦
You can order a box of either or you can order a mixed box……just send me a text with what you want πŸ“±πŸ‘
Golden delicious apples are on track for 20th March – they are lovely eating and fantastic for cooking🍏🍏
Quinces should be ready in roughly 14 days from now – these are wonderful for preserving, making jelly and also make a great paste πŸ˜‹
Txt/ring me, Ruby, on 0272886090 anytime if you want a fruit update, or if you want to place an order, weather update, etc. β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
Remember we are open 7 days from 7am – 9pm and we only sell what we grow πŸ’πŸπŸŽπŸ‘

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