We are looking forward to the 18th December, when we open for the Season with our early spuds and cherries 🍒🍒🥔🥔
We welcome everyone whether you are vaccinated or not.
Signing in/scanning and masks are compulsory for everyone over the age of twelve, as this is mandatory. 👍
You will not need a Vaccine Pass 👍
It was vital for us as a family to be vaccinated as we have two family members who are immune compromised.
We never thought for a minute this would be an issue for anyone.
Sadly we were proved wrong as my mum, Sandra and I were confronted by an elderly woman in the driveway the other day, who laughed in our faces and told us we would all die because we were ‘jabbed’ 😔😔
It was most distressing to listen to her cruelty. She just wouldn’t stop!
Her parting shot was she would never buy her fruit from us again.
We never thought for a minute we might lose customers over the fact that we are vaccinated. 😔
We have friends and customers who are anti-vax and not one of them has ever mocked or laughed at us over our decision to be vaccinated and obviously we have never laughed or mocked them for their decision not to vaccinate so hopefully this was an isolated case.
Respect and kindness is all that is needed in these harrowing times as we are all in this together, trying to muddle through the best way we can ❤️❤️
The 1 metre distance rule will be easy to maintain as we have changed the layout of the Fruit Stall.
We have seats out the side so you can still relax before your journey home and there are seats in the front of the Fruit Stall as well
Remember you are welcome to bring your blanket/deck chairs, if you would like to picnic in the Orchard or in our garden area 😊
Hopefully our PYO apricots will be all go from about the 10th January 🍑🍑
This date will be brought forward if the lovely weather keeps up.
Will keep you posted 👍
We really hope to see everyone back again this year.
Remember contact me, Ruby, anytime, on 027 288 6090 for fruit updates, orders, weather reports or just to catch up📱

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