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Some words to describe our Mother are as follows:


A year and a half ago, our world turned upside-down when Dad died totally unexpectedly on Xmas Eve, at the very beginning of the 2011/2012 Fruit Season.
Fruit needed to be picked, packed and sold, so life had to go on.

Mum’s strength of character shined through as usual as she reassured us we would make it through this terrible grief. We can’t describe the pain we felt as we knew our world had changed forever.

Our mother had to deal with the fact that not only had she lost her husband of twenty years; our father; but she had lost her business partner as well.
Mum and Dad were a team.
They were a ‘we’ and now she was an ‘I’.
Her first thoughts after Dad died were not of herself but of us.

She sat us down and said that the only way to survive this ordeal was to talk and cry our way through the rawness of it. And she was there to listen any time of the day or night. And talk and cry is what we did.
Knowing that Dad wasn’t going to walk through the door ever again was overwhelming at times. There were many “crash and burn” moments.

But throughout the months of horrendous grief and times of uncertainty, Mum was our rock.
Thank you Mum for being such a wonderful Mother.

We love you dearly.
Love from your family.
Sam, Ruby & Aunty Belle

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  • That’s just what mums do – and I’m totally blown away at the way your Sandra does her mothering. Yes, she is a rock for your both.
    In the physical absence of Alex, you three are gifting to each other those precious attributes that cannot be purchased, they can only be gifted – and they are ‘mothering’ and ‘family’. All cemented together by the continuing love of Alex.
    Out of the grief and pain, you are each embarking on the way forward to a new stage in the unfolding of your lives. All blessings, Annette

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