Well it looks like this weekend and possibly throughout next week will be the finish of our PYO Apricots for the Season..😬🙃
It has been a funny old week.….what with heavy continual rain for 3 days in a row and then sunshine, something we haven’t seen much of this summer!! 💦☔️☔️🌤☀️
Nectarines are not ripe enough for PYO this weekend so it looks like they will start on Monday….oh joy… another disappointment…for us and everyone else.
But if you are coming up this weekend, there are nectarines at other Fruit Stalls throughout the valley 😊
Our Stall is fully stocked with 2nd grade boxes of apricots and also Black Amber and Billington plums.
Black Amber are a yellow/reddish plum which are great for eating and jam.
Billington plums are in plentiful supply and are great for eating and sauce.
Still have the Shiro plums available as well….lovely for eating and making jam 😊

Funny old season……all the ripening dates are up the shoot!
The Bon Chretien Pears are about another week away as are our Red Gavenstein apples which are our very first apple.. In all of Mum’s (Sandra) 30 years she can’t remember a Season being so late and bizarre 😲😲
Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow
Txt/ring me…Ruby….0272886090 anytime for weather updates/courier orders/and/any other queries 😊

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