16 February

Cox’s Orange apples are on the Stall as well as Omega plums, Bon Chretien pears and Red Gravenstein apples ?
We will be sending out courier orders of Cox’s Orange and Bon Chretien pears from Monday onwards in either 10kg or 15kg boxes as do pears.?

The wind knocked a thousand or two omegas to the ground which is what happened to the Black Doris so by Monday there will be a limited amount left. 
Txt/phone if you want them couriered or for a pickup.

We have 15 kg boxes of 2nd grade Red Gravenstein and Cox’s Orange which are great for stewing or juicing. They are not over-ripe or rubbish, they just have branch rub which is unsighty but doesn’t interfere with the flavour.

The Cox’s are great for eating and cooking, especially in pies or stewed up with custard poured on top.
Kids find them a bit tart to eat fresh and generally wait for the Royal Galas which aren’t too far away. Will keep you posted.


3 February

We have Bon Chrétien pears in 5kg and 10kg bags on the Fruit Stall as well as 3 kg bags of Purple king and Elephant Heart plums.

We also have Red Gravenstein apples on the Stall in 2.5kg bags.
Red Gravenstein apples are our first apple variety before the main crop apples start around the end of February.

Black Doris plums will be ready in about 10 days so to those who are on the list we will contact you as to whether you want them couriered or if you want to pick them up.

We will have plenty on the Fruit Stall as well :)
Omega plums are around 3 weeks away.

Due to Waitangi Day falling on a Tuesday this year pear courier orders will not be sent out until next Wednesday.
One another note, here’s a photo of the one and only casualty during the recent storm.
#sorryroxburghred #youservedmewell




28 January

I was asked today as to how our trees are coping with this heatwave.
Struggling was my response but pleased to report, with
ground and overhead sprinklers working at full capacity our trees will be okay.
‘Little Toot’ our pump tractor is pulling the water out of our dam with ease and is determined to fight the good fight.
#LoveyouLittleToot. #Savingourlivelihood

27 January

We have been hectic the past few days and the PYO nectarines have been cleaned out much earlier than expected!?
Our apricots are also finished for the season.

We now have Bon Chretian pears and Red Gravenstein apples on the Stall as well as our beautiful Purple King and devine Black Amber plums.?

The weather is still acting crazy with today’s temperature hitting 40+c. Not ideal conditions to say the least as nobody enjoys melting


23 January

We have pulled the pin on PYO apricots after an extremely busy weekend but there are 7kg boxes of Clutha Gold on the Stall at a price of $20.
We have some 8kg stewing/freezing boxes for $20 as well. There is also the odd box of Moorparks.
Mum has never seen a time where PYO has been pulled so early…..apologies to all those who didn’t get up on time.
The extreme heat combined with an already early season meant that the apricots weren’t waiting around for anyone this year!
Billington plums are in 3kg bags and are $10.
Great plum for bottling, sauce, jam and eating.
They are our first red flesh plum of the Season.
Black Amber plums will be on the Stall as from Wednesday.
3 kg bags – $10.
Large blackish-purple skin plum with yellow flesh with red streaks. Great for eating & cooking.
The PYO nectarines will start on Thursday.
Our very first apple of the Season will be ready in about a week.
The Red Gravenstein is a good apple for both cooking and eating.
It has a sweet, tart taste and has firm, crisp flesh.
Great for pies, crumbles, apple sauce, chutney, eating or just stewed apples with custard. Yum! ?


19 January

The recent extreme heat (40 degree days) and the heavy rain last night has been a wee bit of a nuisance. ?
This weekend we will have plenty of PYO Roxburgh Red, Moorpark and Stevens Favourite apricots but I am afraid PYO apricots will come to an end on Sunday evening.
Boxes of Clutha Gold apricots will be available on the Fruit Stall as will Billington plums in 3kg bags.
The nectarines are still a few days away.
From Monday onwards we will have plums and Clutha Gold apricots on the Stall.
Will keep you posted.


? Fruit Update ?

Due to the current heat wave, we are unable to accept any more apricot courier orders as they are too warm to pack up. Sorry about this.
PYO apricots still available and plenty of apricots are on the Fruit Stall.
Billington red flesh plums will be on the Stall from this Thurday.
These are great for eating, bottling, stewing, jam and freezing.
The next variety of nectarines will probably be ready in a week.
The PYO Sundrops are nearly finished. Plenty of Roxburgh Reds on the trees. These are an old variety full of flavour.
PYO Moorparks start on Thursday. Txt Ruby on 0272886090 if you need any further information ? ??

Fruit update ? 11 January

PYO Sundrop are still available and should be around until early next week.

This weekend we will have our first variety of PYO nectarines starting as well as our PYO Roxburgh Red apricots.
Moorpark apricots are about 10 days away.

Shiro plums will be available on the Stall from Saturday onwards and Billington plums should be ready mid next week.
We have plenty of 1st and 2nd grade apricots on the Stall just in case you’re not in the PYO mood 😉


4 January

PYO Sundrop are in full swing and there is plenty of great fruit out there for everyone.
No worries if you don’t have buckets, bags, containers or boxes as we have free bags available.?

We have plenty of boxed Sundrop available on the Stall in both 1st and 2nd grade.
The other apricot varieties are ripening up slowly but surely.
Valley Gold should be ready in the next day or two and Roxburgh Red are about a week away and Moorparks are about 2 weeks away.?

Early Wilson plums have finished and Billington and Shiro plums should be ready in about 7 days.

Nectarines are about 5 days days away.

Will keep you updated ?

If you are coming up to Roxburgh for the day, feel free to txt/ring ahead of time to see what we have available and if we haven’t got what you want, we will send you in the right direction of other stalls.
We only sell what we grow and you will like our prices.

Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm