18 Feb

Fruit Update 😊

We have Black Doris plums on the Stall now in 1st & 2nd grade boxes and also sauce boxes.
You will notice a β€˜dust’ on the plums – this is a β€˜natural bloom’. It’s a natural part of the plums maturing – it is not spray residue.😊

All the Plum orders are going out this week. We have plenty on the stall for those who haven’t ordered and would like to pop in to buy their fruit. 😊

Bon Chretien Pears are in 10kg and 5kg bags and are picked daily. 🍐
Purple King Plums are in 1.5kg bags, 3kg bags & 6kg boxes.
Red Gravenstein apples are popular as they are our very first apple of the Season. 🍎
They are a bit tart and great for eating and cooking.
Omega plums will be ready in about a week – will keep you posted.

If you have any fruit queries PM us or ring/txt me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 😊

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Feb 16

We still have plenty of Bon Chretien pears, purple king plums, Red Gravenstein apples & also the last of our Billington plums 🍎🍐
Bon Chretien pears are great for eating, bottling, stewing, making chutney & jam and also for making desserts such as Pear crumble. πŸ˜‹
We are still sending pears out in 10kg and 15kg boxes….PM or txt me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 if you would like to order a box.
Red Gravenstein apples are lovely for both eating and cooking.
Remember we are open 7 days a week from 7am-9pm and we only sell what we grow 😊


February 11

As well as sending out courier orders for Bon Chretien pears this week, we are also taking orders for Purple King plums 😊
They are a large round plum with yellow flesh and purple/red skin. They are great for eating and also a fantastic dessert plum (plum crumble anyone? πŸ˜‹).

They are $3.30/kg and we are sending them out in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes. Freight cost depends on the size of the box and which area you live in 😊

If you would like a box, PM or txt/ring me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090. The cut off time for courier orders this week is 6.30pm tomorrow night so get your order in before it’s too late! 😊

Remember we are open every day from 7am-9pm and our Stall is fully stocked with fresh fruit every day 😊



Feb 8

  • Fruit Update! 😁
    We have Purple King and Billington plums on the Stall as well as Red Gravenstein apples. 🍎
    PYO nectarines will finish either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the demand.
    Bon Chretien pears will be available from tomorrow onwards in 5kg and 10kg bags. 🍐
    These are a great eating and bottling pear. We will be sending out pear courier orders from next week in 10kg and 15kg boxes 😁 Get in touch if you would like to place an order 😊
    Black Doris Plums will be ready in about 7 days and Omega Plums should start in approx 3 weeks. Cox’s Orange Apples should start around 1st March.
    Will keep you posted 😎
    Ring or txt me (Ruby) anytime on 027 288 6090 for any fruit enquiries 😊IMG-20190208-WA0001

5 Feb

Just a reminder everyone that PYO Nectarines start tomorrow and we should have them for about 7-10 days.
Remember to bring your own buckets, boxes, shopping bags,etc. We still have plastic bags available for those who forget. :)
We have just started Red Gravenstein apples – our first apple of the season. Our main crop varieties will begin in March. They are a bit tart to eat at the moment but are wonderful for cooking 😊🍎 You can bottle them as well. One quick and easy dessert is stewed apple and custard….or you can just cook them up to have with your breakfast cereal.
We still have plenty of Billington & Burbank Plums – both of which lovely for eating, cooking, making sauce or jam, etc.
Even though we have finished our apricots, there’s still plenty in the Valley so a trip up to Central will not be wasted. πŸ˜ƒ
Plenty more fruit is coming up. Pears should be starting this weekend – will keep you updated :)
If you have a fruit query, txt or ring me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090.
Remember we are open 7am-9pm every day and we only sell what we grow

1 February

πŸ‘Fruit Update 🍎🍐
We will still have boxed apricots on the Stall over the next few days.
Billington plums (red flesh) are a great eating and cooking plum. Mum and I bottle them whole in the jars and freeze them for making Jam during Winter.
Burbank plums are coming on..they are yellow flesh and great for eating and cooking. I love these cooked with custard or yogurt.
They freeze well as does the Billington plum.
It looks like the next variety of Nectarines will be ready for PYO as from Wednesday, Waitangi Day…..will confirm closer to the time.😊
Red Gravenstein apples….our very first apple..will be ready β€˜possibly’ from the 9th February. …………and Bon Chretien Pears will be available in 5kg and 10kg bags as from β€˜possibly’ the 9th Feb…will you posted. So sorry for such vague predictions but this Season is a very strange one!!!!
Black Doris and Omega Plums are still to ripen.
Cox’s Orange and Royal Gala apples are still a few weeks away.
Txt or ring me on 027 288 6090 if you have a fruit query.
Remember we are open 7 days 7am – 9pm

Jan 29

Fruit Update! πŸ‘We still have 7kg boxes of apricots for $20 on the Fruit Stall and 3 kg bags of Billington plums for $10…..these are red flesh and are lovely for eating, jam, bottling and are suitable for sauce as well.
The next variety of nectarines are about 10 days away for PYO.
Bom Chretien Pears and Black Doris plums should be ready in a couple of weeks and Omega Plums as well as Royal Gala Apples will be starting in March …will keep you posted…..Remember we are open 7 days from 7am🌞 – 9pmπŸŒ›
Flick me (Ruby) a txt on 027 288 6090 anytime for a fruit query or weather update


Update!! PYO Stevens Favourite is now finished. 😲 This was also our last weekend for PYO apricots. We were inundated again this morning so have had to pull the plug! 😲 Very sorry for those who have missed out! We still have plenty of apricots and shiro plums on the Fruit Stall. 😊
At the moment it still looks like PYO Nectarines is on the go for Wednesday and Billington plums should be available on the Fruit Stall around Wednesday as well. These are great for sauce, cooking, jam & eating. Txt me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 if you have a fruit query. 😊


Today was a full on PYO day with the first customers hitting the trees at 7am sharp!
From then on it was a continual stream of PYOers racing up and down ladders to get their haul. :)
As a result of such an influx, PYO Moorparks are now completely picked out but we still have some PYO Stephens Favourite available for tomorrow.
Sorry to anyone who missed out on PYO Moorparks this season but there are still Moorparks available at other Stalls in the Valley so you will still be able to get your Moorpark fix!

After tomorrow all PYO apricots will be finished for the season but we will still have apricots available on the Stall for another week or so. :)
Shiro plums are now available on the Stall and Billington plums are just a few days away.
Our first variety of PYO Nectarines are still on track to start on Wednesday.

Will keep you posted! :)

PYO starts tomorrow!!!!

Remember boys and girls that PYO Stephens Favourite and PYO Moorparks start tomorrow!
The weather forecast saw the odd chance shower but it certainly won’t amount to anything.

Remember to bring your own shopping bags, buckets, containers, boxes, etc.
Don’t worry if you forget as we have plastic bags available 😊
Due to poor pollination conditions during the springtime, our Moorpark crop is lighter than we would have liked 😳
These conditions affected apricot crops throughout the district but even if you can’t get Moorparks from us, we can send you in the right direction to someone who will be able to supply you 😊

PYO nectarines should be ready to roll around Wednesday.
Shiro plums are now available on the Stall and Billington plums….(our first red plum of the Season) will be ready around Wednesday.
The Stall is stocked with a range of apricots for all your apricot related needs 😎

If you have a fruit query, txt my sister Ruby on 027 288 6090. Remember we are open from 7am-9pm …7 days a week.