Moorparks Are Finished!!!!!!

Our Moorparks finished at 12pm yesterday.
Our sincere apologies to all those who missed out.

Saturday was the first day of PYO Moorparks and on that day hundreds of cars pulled up and we were cleaned out.
What little Moorparks we had left were picked yesterday morning.
This has never happened before in our 20 years!!

To those who missed out, if you are still after Moorparks then there are still plenty available from Fruit Stalls throughout the Valley.

At the moment we only have Billington plums, a lovely, red flesh plum which is great for eating, stewing or bottling, 2kg bags for $5 and Gravenstein Apples, an early Apple variety which is a great eater or cooker, 2.5kg bags for $5.

We have also finished our first variety of Nectarines and are now waiting for our next variety due in about 10 days.

We hope to have P.Y.O Peaches available on Wednesday.

The next Nectarine variety are due in about 10 days.

It Was An Invasion!!!!!!

We were absolutely over-run with P.Y.Oers yesterday!!!
From 8:30am to 4:00pm we never had less than 15 car loads of people picking at any given time!!!
It was an invasion!

We still have P.Y.O Moorparks available but due to the massive P.Y.O day yesterday we are expecting them to be finished by late afternoon today.
If you still want to pick some then it is best you come as early in the day as possible.

To those of you have missed out and can’t make it up today, Mum can sympathise.
She had planned on preserving another 200 jars of Apricots but now it looks as though she will have to wait until the Apples are ready  and bottle them instead!!!!

We still have P.Y.O available on the last of our first variety of Nectarines ($1.90/kg) but we expect them to be pretty much picked over by the end of the day.

We Have Moorparks!!!!!!

We have Moorparks!!!
P.Y.O Moorparks ($1.90/kg) begin today so it’s all go!!!
We are expecting them to last until about Tuesday but this all depends on how many P.Y.Oers we have in over the weekend.

We still have P.Y.O available on the last of our first variety of Nectarines ($1.90/kg).
These may or may not be available tomorrow, depending on the number of P.Y.Oers we get today.

Moorparks Begin Tomorrow

Today we have P.Y.O Nectarines available for $1.90/kg.
We have a wide selection of Apricot 2nds boxed on the stall.
4kg boxes – $10
6kg boxes – $15

Tommorow we will begin P.Y.O Moorparks and expect them to last until about Tuesday.

Due to a lack of sunshine we are now expecting to have Peaches on approx. Monday.

We need sun!!!!!!

Moorparks: Coming Soon!!!

P.Y.O Moorparks are due to commence this Saturday.
We may have some of our first variety Nectarines left by then but this can’t be confirmed.

Due to a lack of sunshine we are now expecting to have Peaches on approx. Monday.

The next Nectarine variety are due in about 1 1/2 weeks.

It has been impossible to coincide Apricots, Peaches and Nectarines this year due to the crazy weather!!!

Wind is Such a Joy!

We had quite a lot of wind last night.
A bit of fruit has bitten the dust but there is still plenty hanging on.

I’m about to go out to check the full extent of the damage so if something serious has happened like the entire Orchard being blown away then I’ll let you know!!!

Another Day in Paradise

Another day in paradise!
The weather forecast says it is meant to rain later on today.
The temperature is meant to be about 24c though and at the moment it looks like it’s going to be a lovely, fine day.

If you are coming up to pick Nectarines and want to know what the weather is doing then just give us a call on 03 446 8585 and we’ll give you a live weather update.

Roxburgh Red Are Finished

We have now finished our P.Y.O Roxburgh Red for the year so at the moment we only have Valley Gold (cooking only Apricot) available in the the P.Y.O Apricot Department.

We have heaps of P.Y.O Nectarines available though so that is a bonus!!

We are currently waiting for our Moorparks to ripen so things will be a bit scarce this week Apricot wise.
Lets just hope for some sun and heat to kick em into gear!

P.Y.O Nectarines Are Now Ready!

We now have a good amount of P.Y.O Nectarines available for $1.90/kg.

P.Y.O Roxburgh Red and Valley Gold will finished today so if you still haven’t got your fix, it’s best you gun it up to Roxburgh ASAP;)

In other news, the wind picked up last night and dumped a bit of fruit on the ground but it could have been worse, we could have got a plague of boils as well!!!