Moorparks Are Finished!!!!!!

Our Moorparks finished at 12pm yesterday.
Our sincere apologies to all those who missed out.

Saturday was the first day of PYO Moorparks and on that day hundreds of cars pulled up and we were cleaned out.
What little Moorparks we had left were picked yesterday morning.
This has never happened before in our 20 years!!

To those who missed out, if you are still after Moorparks then there are still plenty available from Fruit Stalls throughout the Valley.

At the moment we only have Billington plums, a lovely, red flesh plum which is great for eating, stewing or bottling, 2kg bags for $5 and Gravenstein Apples, an early Apple variety which is a great eater or cooker, 2.5kg bags for $5.

We have also finished our first variety of Nectarines and are now waiting for our next variety due in about 10 days.

We hope to have P.Y.O Peaches available on Wednesday.

The next Nectarine variety are due in about 10 days.

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