It Was An Invasion!!!!!!

We were absolutely over-run with P.Y.Oers yesterday!!!
From 8:30am to 4:00pm we never had less than 15 car loads of people picking at any given time!!!
It was an invasion!

We still have P.Y.O Moorparks available but due to the massive P.Y.O day yesterday we are expecting them to be finished by late afternoon today.
If you still want to pick some then it is best you come as early in the day as possible.

To those of you have missed out and can’t make it up today, Mum can sympathise.
She had planned on preserving another 200 jars of Apricots but now it looks as though she will have to wait until the Apples are ready  and bottle them instead!!!!

We still have P.Y.O available on the last of our first variety of Nectarines ($1.90/kg) but we expect them to be pretty much picked over by the end of the day.

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