Due to the New Zealand Government issuing a nationwide lockdown effective from Wednesday March 25  at 11:59pm  we will be closing the Stall at 7pm on Wednesday.
But don’t worry everyone – we will still be able to send out nationwide courier orders for the rest of the fruit season and will be posting regularly to update you as to what fruit we have available for dispatch :) 

At the moment for courier we have Royal Gala apples and Cox’s Orange apples and the very last of Omega plums. Cox’s Orange are great for eating and cooking and Royal Gala apples are nice and crispy for eating. 

We send plums out in 5kg and 10kg boxes and apples are sent out in 10kg and 15kg boxes. 

Courier orders can only go out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

PM me or txt/ring me (Ruby) on 0272886090 to place an order.

Next week Golden Delicious apples will also be available for courier – these are a lovely cooking and eating apple.  

I will keep you up to date as to what variety comes next. 

Contact me on 0272886090 anytime for any queries or questions.  

It is a very scary time for all of us – please keep safe everyone and look after yourselves. 

#fightcovid19 #weareallinthistogether #keepcalmandeatapples  



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