Update – 17 April

These days I am often asked how this ‘nasty virus’ has affected us as many friends are being paid to stay at home and sadly some will not have a job to go back to, while others will.
Absolutely tragic for the businesses which will go under ?
Pleased to report I am still working, but getting out of bed at 5am not 4am these days
We will ride through this tragedy and even though the Fruit Stall had to close early, we are extremely grateful to still having courier orders and contactless pickups so life goes on pretty much as usual so between picking, packing and early pruning, I have the same full day, each and everyday ? And I am fortunate as I really love ‘my job’ and as an added bonus, our ‘bubble’ is both home and Orchard, soooo my daily ride around the Orchard on my Kawasaki Mule with my gorgeous sister Belle has not been hindered, much to her delight ?❤️
Sam is kept busy with his work and Mum’s extra spare time has given her more time in the garden. There is always a trailer of garden prunings to take away ?????
So everyone please keep an eye on family and friends as life can change in a heartbeat ❤️❤️

Next Monday is full up for courier orders but I still have spaces for Tuesday to both the North and South Island and Wednesday just the South Island.
Next week we have the last of the Royal Gala apples as well as Golden Delicious – Golden Delicious are a great eating and cooking apple – excellent for pies, crumbles, shortcakes, etc. ????
Red Delicious and Braeburn are now available. Granny Smith will be starting the week after.
Quinces are still available – if you would like my Mum’s quince jelly recipe, let me know and I’ll PM it to you. Sending out orders in 10kg and 15kg boxes. As usual pm or txt me 0272886090 to place an order or for any fruit enquiries ??







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