December 12 Update

The unseasonal weather has slowed down the ripening of the Dawson and Stella cherries hence we have to delay the opening of the Fruit Stall until Monday 21 December 😊😊
At this time we will have both new spuds and cherries for sale 🍒🍒🥔🥔
Big Bertha (bird scarer) is now back in action as the
starlings are doing their best to peck holes through the netting – she is scaring the daylights out of them 😁😁 Captain Jack is on standby should Big Bertha need a hand 😊👍
PYO Sundrop apricots will commence on 10 January if summer ever eventuates 😳😳 at present they are favouring the green colour not orange 😲😲
Sundrops orders should start going out on 8 January.
PM or txt me (Ruby) on 027 288 6090 if you would like to place a courier order or have a fruit query, etc. 😊

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