Fruit Update!!!

We are expecting to open the stall on 24 December with Dawson Cherries.
We hope to have Sundrop and Early Ril Apricots ready between 5 Р10 January.
We have to remind you though that thanks to the unique, yet unpredictable Central Otago climate, these dates are merely an educated estimate and they may be adjusted if the weather has a temper tantrum!
Therefore it is a good idea to regularly check back into this page to make sure that the dates haven’t changed and we haven’t been hit by a plague of locusts!!
Fruit Prices for the 2010 – 2011 Season:
Cherries – $7/kg (Sold in 1kg bags)
Apricots – $3/kg for first grade boxed on Stall, $2.50/kg for second grade boxed on Stall and $1.90/kg for P.Y.O
Peaches – $3/kg for first grade boxed on Stall and $1.90/kg for P.Y.O
Nectarines – $1.90/kg for P.Y.O
Plums – $3/kg for first grade boxed on stall, $2.50 for second grade boxed on Stall
Apples and Pears – $1/kg (Sold in 5 or 10kg bags)
Current Freight Charges for Southland and Dunedin are:
15kg to Gore and anywhere South of Roxburgh- $12.00
15kg to Dunedin – $8.50
Extra Charge for Rural Delivery – $6
Freight charges for the rest of the South Island and the North Island are yet to be finalised by our Courier but as soon as we find out we will update the Freight Charges page.
Remember to stay tuned for future updates and if you have any questions or just want to see how life is going on the Orchard, feel free to give us a call on 03 446 8585 or email us at
The Hobbs Tribe
Sandra, Alex, Sam & Ruby

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