Current Fruit Situation

Ok guys here’s the run-down on the current fruit situation here at Hobbs Orchard.

We currently have P.Y.O Sundrop Apricots for $1.90/kg.
We also have plenty of Sundrop 1sts($3.00/kg) and 2nds($2.50/kg) for sale on the Stall.
Both 1sts and 2nds will be available throughout the Apricot season.

Roxburgh Red and Peeka  Apricots are  expected to begin sometime next week.

Valley Gold Apricots are about 1 1/2 weeks away.

MoorParks  are still about two to three weeks away.

Our first Nectarines should be ready in about a week.

We should have Peaches in about 2 weeks.

Late crop Nectarines should be ready in about 3 weeks.

We have to remind you though that thanks to the unique, yet unpredictable, Central Otago climate these dates are merely an educated guess and they may be adjusted if the weather has a temper tantrum!
Therefore it is a good idea to regularly check back into this page to make sure that the dates haven’t changed and we haven’t been hit by a plague of locusts!!

One Response to Current Fruit Situation

  • Hello to the Hobbs!
    Please note our new NZ email address :-)

    We will be driving through Central Sunday, Jan 9 and home again sometime Wed.Jan 12.
    We hope to stop by at some point so we can once again feel the pleasure of juice running down our chins!!

    See you one day soon!!

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