Moorparks Start On Saturday!!

Our P.Y.O Moorparks start on Saturday and so far they look to be in real nice condition with not too many splits.

Our first variety of P.Y.O Nectarines has finished but we expect our next variety to be ready in about a week or so depending on how much sun and warm weather we get.

We still have some Roxburgh Reds for P.Y.O but there is a bit of ladder work involved.
There are still some really nice ones out there though.

P.Y.O Sundrops Start On Saturday

Just a quick note to let you all know that we will be commencing P.Y.O on the Sundrop Apricots from tomorrow on.
The price is same as last year, $1.90/kg.

We also have a range of bottling boxes of Sundrop available on the Fruit Stall.
1st Grade are $3/kg and 2nd Grade are $2.50/kg.

We Are Open!

We are now Open for the 2011/2012 season!!!!

We currently have available:
Dawson Cherries, 1kg bags for $8
New Spuds, 3kg for $5
Broad Beans, 1kg for $4

Important Notice

Due to family illness we are unable to courier fruit this season as we are one man down.
We apologise profusely and next season we will be running once again at full capacity.
We will be providing as usual a well-stocked stall and PYO on Apricots, Peaches, and Nectarines as they come on.

Cherry Update

The Cherry crop is a bit light this year so we will be unable to courier them this season.
Sorry about this.

We are hoping to start picking them around 24 December.
As soon as the Dawson Cherries ripen, we will be opening the Fruit Stall and we will have new spuds, broad beans and peas on the go as well as Cherries.

We are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment!
We’ve had 33 degree temperatures for the past three days and I’ve been run off my feet moving irrigation pipes around the Orchard!

An Update From Ruby

It’s time to get out the jars and give them a good a wash as it is nearly Apricot time!
The estimated time of picking the first varieties, which are Sundrop and Early Rill, should be 8-10 January.
Will keep you updated.

Heat Wave!!!

Mum, Ruby and I have revamped the entrance to our 1950’s style Fruit Stall over the past couple of weeks.
Check it out!

Hopefully we’ll be open on 24 December with Cherries, new Spuds, Peas and Broad Beans for sale.


It was extremely hot today!!
Earthing up Spuds on a 30c day probably wasn’t the wisest of jobs to tackle!

Dad was thinning fruit under the shade of some large Apricot trees so he escaped the intense heat.
Lucky him!!!!!!

More Wind!!!


The weather has continued to act totally erratic over the past couple of weeks.
It’s gone from hot and dry, to gale force winds, to torrential rain, back to hot and dry, and so on and so forth.
It really can’t seem to make up its mind!

We had some horrendous winds last night which took down a tree in the backyard!!!
Thankfully it was a Pittosporum so no major damage was done to the surrounding trees and shrubs.
The wind was certainly strong though because the 20 year old tree had been snapped at the base!!
Mum is devastated by this as she remembers planting the tree when she was pregnant with me!

On the Fruit Front everything is still looking good (touch wood!).
Hard to believe it’s already late November.
Only a month or so until we open up the Fruit Stall again!

Blowing A Gale!

Gusty winds came in today.
So much for my plan of burning the final stack of prunings for the year!
Oh well, hopefully the winds will disappear later on this week so I can get it done.

A couple of years back I had a massive stack of prunings that I missed out on burning by one day when a total fire ban came into force!!
I’m sure every rabbit within a 2km radius took up residence in that stack that summer!!

At the moment the fruit crop looks great and should be on normal time.
But there are many variables in the fruit growing business so it’s still early days and anything can happen.