Roxburgh Red Are Finished

We have now finished our P.Y.O Roxburgh Red for the year so at the moment we only have Valley Gold (cooking only Apricot) available in the the P.Y.O Apricot Department.

We have heaps of P.Y.O Nectarines available though so that is a bonus!!

We are currently waiting for our Moorparks to ripen so things will be a bit scarce this week Apricot wise.
Lets just hope for some sun and heat to kick em into gear!

P.Y.O Nectarines Are Now Ready!

We now have a good amount of P.Y.O Nectarines available for $1.90/kg.

P.Y.O Roxburgh Red and Valley Gold will finished today so if you still haven’t got your fix, it’s best you gun it up to Roxburgh ASAP;)

In other news, the wind picked up last night and dumped a bit of fruit on the ground but it could have been worse, we could have got a plague of boils as well!!!

Important Fruit Update

Roxburgh Red and Valley Gold finish this weekend.
2 groups picked 900 kg of Apricots last night and this has made a huge dent in the Roxburgh Reds.
They also picked 700kg of Nectarines meaning that there are now only firm ones left on the trees for P.Y.O.

We hope to have Moorparks hopefuly next weekend, may be later.
Either check this site or give us a call for the latest update.

Haven Peaches will hopefully begin next weekend as well

The next Nectarine variety are due in about 2 weeks.

P.Y.O Peeka will not be available this year because of a some unfavourable weather conditions.
We will be focusing on supplying our pre-orders first and foremost but there will be some Peeka first and seconds boxes put onto the Stall

Owing to a large Apricot shortage in the Teviot Valley this year and the fact that we have kept our prices the same, we have had been inundated with heaps of customers hence the reason things are running a bit short this year.
There is no rhyme or reason to the season!

P.Y.O Nectarines Begin On Saturday

Just a quick note to let you guys know that we will be starting our P.Y.O Nectarines tomorrow (Saturday 15 January).
The price is same as last year at $1.90/kg.

We will also have P.Y.O Roxburgh Red Apricots and they are $1.90/kg as well.

The weather forecast says tomorrow is meant to be fine with warm northwest winds and a high of 23c.
Perfect P.Y.O weather!!!!!!

P.Y.O Will Be Starting Again on Saturday

P.Y.O Roxburgh Red Apricots and the first variety of P.Y.O Nectarines will be ready this Saturday.

On the stall you will find boxed Roxburgh Red, Peeka, and Valley Gold Apricots in $15(6kg) or $20(8kg) boxes.
A warning about Valley Gold: They are a cooking Apricot only as they taste like cardboard if eaten raw.
Cooking release their flavour which means they are wonderful for freezing, stewing and bottling.

P.Y.O Is Cancelled Until Saturday

Due to a unforeseen lack of sun P.Y.O is cancelled until Saturday.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

Crappy weather is overrated!!!!!!
The drizzle has started, the weather is cold and mum is in her parka and her 1970’s leg warmers.
The entertainment value is immense!!!

In other news, P.Y.O Peeka Apricots will not be available this year due to unfavorable weather conditions.
We will be focusing on supplying our pre-orders first and foremost but there will be some Peeka first and seconds boxes put onto the Stall whenever we have some to spare.

Sorry about this!!!!! :-(

We Now Have Duffs Early Jewel Plums

We now have 2kg bags of Duffs Early Jewel Plums for $5 on the Stall.
They are a lovely little eating Plum and kids especially love them.

Today and tomorrow will be pretty much be the last days for P.Y.O Sundrops.
Once they have finished we will have P.Y.O Roxburgh Reds($1.90/kg).

Please note that we cannot send out any Sundrop orders now as we are saving the last of them for the P.Y.Oers.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

Sundrops Are Almost Over

We have almost finished our Sundrop Apricots and we expect them to be gone by Wednesday this week (January 12).
P.Y.O Sundrops will still be available until then.

We will be starting Roxburgh Reds the same day though so we will still have plenty of Apricots available.
They will be available for P.Y.O for $1.90/kg and will be sold on the stall for $2.50/kg for seconds.

Valley Gold Apricots are also expected to start within the next few days.

MoorParks Apricots are still about 1 1/2 – 2 weeks away but we will keep you updated.

Current Fruit Situation

Ok guys here’s the run-down on the current fruit situation here at Hobbs Orchard.

We currently have P.Y.O Sundrop Apricots for $1.90/kg.
We also have plenty of Sundrop 1sts($3.00/kg) and 2nds($2.50/kg) for sale on the Stall.
Both 1sts and 2nds will be available throughout the Apricot season.

Roxburgh Red and Peeka  Apricots are  expected to begin sometime next week.

Valley Gold Apricots are about 1 1/2 weeks away.

MoorParks  are still about two to three weeks away.

Our first Nectarines should be ready in about a week.

We should have Peaches in about 2 weeks.

Late crop Nectarines should be ready in about 3 weeks.

We have to remind you though that thanks to the unique, yet unpredictable, Central Otago climate these dates are merely an educated guess and they may be adjusted if the weather has a temper tantrum!
Therefore it is a good idea to regularly check back into this page to make sure that the dates haven’t changed and we haven’t been hit by a plague of locusts!!