The Quest Continues!!

It was a lovely day yesterday.
The temperature got up into the mid-20s and I continued on my quest into the depths of my garden.
Along the way I made several discoveries such as some extra pumpkin plants that I had thrown into the ground in a corner.
The plants have thrived and have done a marvelous job at smothering the weeds in that area.
I did expect them to have more fruit though.
I suspect the Pygmies have swiped some when my back was turned.
Damn Pygmies!!!!!

Other discoveries of the day included a giant rabbit hole which I found when I strategically fell into it.
Damn rabbits!!!!!

I’ll have to do something about them.
I know!!! I’ll get the Pygmies to sort them out!! 😉

The Garden Has Been Liberated!!!

It’s official, I’ve liberated my gardens from the oppressive reign of weeds.
Well not all weeds but the giant areas of weeds that were providing housing to pygmies have been taken care of.
I’m sure the pygmies will find someplace else to set up camp.
I mean they weren’t to please when I first started ripping out the jungle of weeds (I figured that one out by the spears that flew my way) but after peace-talks they agreed it was for the best and packed up and shipped off.

Mission accomplished!!!!! 😉

Who Knew

My garden got away on me during December and January due to the hectic Fruit Season.
So yesterday I decided to attack the weeds and recapture my garden back from their midst.

I was surprised part way through Operation Recapture the Garden when I discovered 23 Zucchini which Mum and Ruby promptly turned into pickle.
Who knew zucchini could survive under a pile of weeds high enough to house a tribe of pygmies.
The cucumbers were a good find as well.

Today I will continue to press on with the liberation of my veggie patch so if passing by then feel free to pop in and say hi.

Another beautiful day in Hercules Fat>
Nothing says “Nice sunny day” like 5 degrees and a continual downpour of rain.

We only have Pears, Apples and some Plums in the fruit department today.
If you want anything else you will definitely be able to find it somewhere in the Valley though.

Not Much of an Update

Not much to update on today.

We still have heaps of Pears and Apples and lots of Purple King Plums.
The weather is meant to be cloudy today with a little bit of rain in the afternoon.

Purple King Plums

Aswell as Pears and Early Apple, we also have Purple King Plums on the Stall.
Purple King Plums are a large purple skinned Plum with firm, sweet, juicy, yellow flesh (tinged wine red near the stone).
These Plums are great for eating and cooking.

We sell them in 2kg bags for $5.


No much to report folks.

Apart from the fact it is cold and misty this morning.
Is meant to be fine later on but as you all probably know, the weather forecast tends to be as accurate as a blind man in a sharpshooting contest!!!!

Fruit wise we only have Pears and Apples at the moment.

Will keep you updated.

Nectarines are Finished

We have finished our P.Y.O Nectarines now.

At the moment all we have are Bon Chretien Pears, 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10, and Gravenstein Apples, an early Apple variety which is a great eater or cooker, 2.5kg bags for $5.
We can courier the pears.

We expect to have Purple King Plums within the next few days and they will be sold in 2kg bags for $5.

In other news, it is freezing!!!!
How Mum and I haven’t gotten frostbite from packing fruit at 5am in almost sub zero conditions, I don’t know?

Nectarines Finishing

Nectarines will be finished today.

Once they are gone we will have just Pears and Apples on the Stall until the rest of the Plums ripen in a couple of weeks.

It looks as though it will be a nice fine day today and the temperature is meant to get up into the 20s.
About time!!!!!

Almost out of Nectarines

Today will probably be the last day for P.Y.O Nectarines as we got quite a few P.Y.Oers in yesterday afternoon once the rain had cleared.

On the Stall we have Bon Chretien Pears, 5kg bags for $5 or 10kg for $10, and Gravenstein Apples, an early Apple variety which is a great eater or cooker, 2.5kg bags for $5.
We can courier the pears.

Our “Omega” Plums should be ready in about 3-4 weeks.

Our “Royal Gala” Apples should be ready in about a months time.